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Are you able to create apps for both iOS and Android?

Positive, our developers are skilled in both environments. We are able to develop for both platforms, dominating the mobile market today. We are also able to create a website for use on laptops or desktops should your project be better suited for it.

What are the strengths of creating apps for both platforms?

It enables the business to leverage on all users of whatsoever mobile phone platform and also online. The stats show that between Android and iOS the users are 50-50. Hence, giving up on either platform would cause you to lose valuable leads.

How much to develop the apps?

We only charge once for the creation of the app and are able to port it over to the other platform should you engage us to create it for either platform hence you would not be incurring double charge.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

We believe in seeking first to understand then to be understood. It is unrealistic for us to provide you a quote with knowing more about the project first. As such, our consultation are free and please contact us here, we will get back to you within the next 24 hours to schedule a meeting before we will provide you with a realistic quote: Contact Us

What if I only need partial service i.e certain portions of the app?

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee or even skype for us to understand your requirements better. We do not recommend this option as the process would not be as seamless as engaging us for the entire project. But yes, we are able to help out your project partially and would charge accordingly based on the level of difficulty and number of hours required to complete which would be an upfront cost provided.